Clare S. Rosenfield, also known as Satya-Jai, meaning Essence of Heart, is a poet, author, painter, meditation and breathing teacher, practitioner of healing arts, including Reiki, licensed certified social worker, and harpist. She facilitates women's empowerment through her classes in Feminine Power and offers harp for retreats, inter-spiritual gatherings, and global meditation circles. Also, she plays for people either on the phone or in person who request soothing for whatever is ailing them, including in the last six months of life. In her one to one work or group work with women, she teaches a holistic approach to self-healing she calls Contact Healing.

A Smith College graduate and former French teacher in Boston, Lagos, and Bangkok, Clare has both an M.A. in French and an M.S. degree in Social Work from Columbia University. In forty years of her personal spiritual journey, she has immersed herself in the Buddhist, Jain, Hindu, Brahmakumari, Nadayoga, Quaker, and Sufi traditions while maintaining her love for her roots in Hebrew, Jewish values and songs. She has been a student of Sufi Retreats, the Diamond Approach, a Course in Miracles, and the Chalice of Repose Project.

Ultimately, she believes in unconditional love, compassion, and the mutual honoring of each life as a unique gift, praying that each be able to grow and flourish to the fullest extent possible so as to offer his or her greatest contribution to the world.

Through her work as co-director of the Global Healing Foundation ( she invites members to heal the planet and one another through globally oriented guided meditations, accompanied by her harp-playing. Many of her essays and poems have this healing message as well.

Her self-illustrated poetry books are Dance Upon the Winds Swept Cloudless, Roll on Great Earth, The Call of Mother Earth, Tall Grasses of Woods Hole& Other Summery Poems, and Nameless One of Splendor: Her Sacred Arts of Creation. Also, her poetry has appeared in a number of journals: Art Times, Eureka Literary Magazine, Red Rock Review, West Wind Review, Jewish Women's Literary Annual, Heart & Wings, and American Poetry Review. Clare is a member of the Poetry Caravan, sharing poetry with residents of nursing homes and hospitals. This is another venue where Clare brings her harp.

Clare lives in Westchester in New York. Her late husband, Dr. Allan Rosenfield, was the beloved Dean of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University for 22 years. They have two adult married children and six grandchildren.