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Our Global Commitment

by Clare Rosenfield, M.S.W., C.S.W.

As human beings, we need to have a commitment to healing on all levels, beginning with our personal selves and extending to the entire planet.

We could see ourselves not only as stewards of our beautiful planet Earth, lovingly called Gaia, but truly as mini-planets ourselves, made of the same elements and energies as our earth, interdependent and interconnected in a myriad of ways.

Not only humans, but all living creatures, trees, the plant kingdom, Earth herself, including her oceans and waterways, also have their own ways to breathe, receive and give, suffer, love, cherish peace, sense vastness and have spiritual dimensions.

The more we observe ourselves to be like microcosmic mini-planets, extensions of the body of Gaia, the more we will take great care not to cause her or her family pain deliberately, or inadvertently.

That is why the concept which arose thousands of years ago is still valid today, namely, that what we think, say, or do in our seemingly small arena of personal life has its invisible and visible impact on the entire planet.

Everything is in constant flux. That is lucky for us, because it means we can affect our world in creative and positive ways. For example, we can use our free will to contemplate and articulate healing intentions, and if, at the same time, we can open ourselves to the influx of Divine energies, we can then harness those energies to empower our loving intentions, speak out for the well-being of the whole planet and all of life, and live in relationship with others as beautifully and lovingly as we can, evolving into the Greater Selves that we are.

In this way, we can partner with the Light wherever it appears in order to relieve suffering, heal our physical and energetic bodies, and contribute to the shift in consciousness from alienation, mistrust, and animosity to unity, mutual respect and friendship.

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